About me

I have always loved movement and bodywork. They have accompanied me since my childhood, gave me support in difficult phases of life and helped me to find a relationship with myself.
In the Shiatsu training I made the experience that there are no wrong or right feelings and body sensations. That I didn't have to be more or different than I was in that moment. That I was allowed to have boundaries and still stay in connection with others. Through the treatments I was able to give something valuable to others.

To support people on their path of healing and change is my desire. Shiatsu for me is a never ending, lively and inspiring learning process. For me, giving and receiving Shiatsu means sharing experiences of healing and creating connection.

Shiatsu training:

2013 Basic courses Shiatsu at the Shiatsu Center Edith Storch, Berlin

2014 - 2017 Training as a Shiatsu practitioner (500 hrs.) at the Shiatsu Center Edith Storch, Berlin

Continuing education Shiatsu:

  • Shiatsu for trauma and pain with Pamela Ferguson
  • Shiatsu and Somatic Experiencing with Meike Kockrick
  • Shiatsu during pregnancy with Annekristin Brügge
  • Oriental diagnosis with Ohashi
  • Shiatsu with children with Britta Oßenbrüggen
  • Shiatsu with children with Ines Plate
  • The Art of Trauma - Clean Language and Shiatsu in Trauma Work with Nick Pole
I am currently preparing for the examination to become a Heilpraktikerin.

The rest of my life:

1981 born in Hannover

1988 - 1993 Classical Ballet, Hanover University of Music, Dance and Drama

2002 Film School Reykjavik, Iceland

2003 - 2005 Study of Fine Arts, Iceland Academy of the Arts

2005 - 2009 Studies Art and Media, UdK Berlin

Mother since 2010

In the course of my life I have been intensively involved in various movement practices, mostly dance, Tai Chi and Yoga.