For me, Shiatsu means deep touch and an expansion of body awareness.

With Shiatsu, I want to open up a safe, non-judgmental space for you,

where you can be with everything that you are at that moment.

"Magical warm Hands!"


"Thank you for the treatment! I found it admirable the calmness you radiated during the treatment. You helped me to get a cold under control, but it also did me a lot of good in general!"


"Thank you! You have really great hands and it gave me a wonderful foundation for the day. I felt very relaxed and in touch with myself all day after the treatment -
a wonderful body experience."


"From the moment you join Olga's shiatsu therapy session, you'll take part in a spiritual journey, tackling your strong as well as your weak points anchored in your body and gently refreshing our often underrated and disrupted body-mind connection. I strongly recommend her shiatsu therapy sessions for anybody who would like to echo and respond to her/his/their bodies' signals. I also love that she makes Shiatsu accessible even for those who normally couldn't afford it. Always very happy to be your client, Olga!"


"...soothingly warm hands and very mindful, fine-energetic
touch that helps to arrive at oneself. Very calm, decelerating!"


"My first meeting with Olga took place in 2017. I was early pregnant and my chronic spine pain had gotten worse. I had no experience with this kind of massage before and at the begining I was a bit surprised that I don't have to undress and had to lay on a mat on the floor. But very quickly it all started to make sens for me. There was a very nice feeling of gradual warming up. Olga's hands were also very warm, that as well was very pleasant. I started to feel comfortable and confident. After the session I had a feeling of very deep relaxation and felt relief with my sciatica. I had many different styles of treatments because of my backproblem but none was as relaxing as Olga's shiatsu treatment."


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